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Description: Harsha, Riya, Amar, Vishal and Tulasi are college buddies and they want to go on a vacation. One of the friends suggests that they holiday in a bungalow where his brother had stayed with his wife a few months ago. He promises his friends to steal the keys of the bungalow without his brother’s knowledge (this is a loose end because there is no reason why he shouldn’t ask his bro for the keys; he doesn't know the bungalow's history which his bro alone knows). The narration now flips into recent past when Karthik (Ravi Varma) and Vaishali (Mamata Rawat), a newly married couple, were staying at the bungalow. Moments after a romantic duet involving the couple, a vagabond sadhu spots Karthik on road, only to forebode something life-threatening already happening to him. He predicts that he will be killed by his dead wife, now possessed and brought to life by a pisachi.

It is up to Karthik to save himself from the pisachi. When things fall in place and Karthik vacates the place, his brother and friends enter the haunted place, only to invite an existential threat upon themselves.

After establishing that the pisachi’s unfulfilled desires will make her to re-emerge, the film creates some interest in how she comes back and chooses a couple. However, there comes a point when the film drags on and on as force-fit comedy scenes (involving Venu, Shakalaka Shankar and Ali’s brother, and Jeeva) spoil the show. It makes no sense to kill a comedian after trying level best to make us laugh.

A serious flaw pertains to the way the friends’ fear and emotions are portrayed. Would a girl behave normally even after clearly hearing the devil’s call? What kind of a person moves out of the bungalow and into the garden holding a torch light after hearing such a call? And that too, saying this – Evaru? Evaru? One girl even completely forgets about the call and doesn’t even inform her friends about the weird happenings in her room while watching TV. All this despite living in a lonely bungalow with suspicious surroundings.

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Movie Title - Calling Bell (2016) Bollywood Horror Thriller Full Movie

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