First Thoughts on Romania | Romania's Most Dangerous Hammock
Description: Welcome to Romania everybody - this is our first time in this country and we have planned a week long road trip through some of the more untouched and beautiful parts of this country.

Check out Vlad and Georgina from Romanian Thrills:

After leaving Kazakhstan at 3am in the morning we arrived in Bucharest - there we were picked up by our guides Vlad and Georgina and we instantly hit the road.

Our first stop was the cute town of Horezu where they do unique pottery designs - especially how they paint the plates - using a cows horn and a birds feather.

As we slowly made our way out to our hotel, we saw some small villages, ancient monastery and Jess tried water from a 200 year old well.

By now the jet lag had officially kicked in by the time we arrived at our hotel, so after a slow morning the adventures began the next day.

We rock climbed a 200 meter cliff side and after the intense hike we went into one of the most dangerous hammocks in the world - and just hung out.

Once we made our way down we went for a dip in a fresh stream and found our new love - Papanasi - the Romanian Cheese Doughnuts and wow we have found our new favorite desert.

After checking out a rainbow Forrest art exhibit we headed to our next hotel - with some slight spooky vibes.

First hotel we stayed at - Hanul Vutra:
Second hotel - Boutique Hotel Danielescu:

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