Description: IT'S FINALLY OUT! Took me 50 hours to make with an all-nighter to finish before finals, but it was worth it. We've reached peak epicness.
Ending music is the Bitch Lasagna remix by Dylan Locke!

Twitter: @KiranTheGhostYT
Instagram: @KiranTheGhostYT

Here’s a list of all the references!
1. Pewdiepie with a Nintendo Switch Logo animation
2. Brofist is on Fox’s gun
3. Markiplier as Marth
4. JaidenAnimations as Zelda
5. VoiceOverPete as Pit
6. Hand turns into a Sub Bot
7. T-Series absorbs the subs from all the bots
8. Socialblade as Shulk, predicting the rise of T-Series
9. Mr. Beast as link, using his billboard as a shield (this one took quite a while to keyframe!)
10. Saiman Says as Samus shooting brofists
11. MewTwo as the 9 year old army, conjuring a poster as a shield
12. JaidenAnimations as Zelda, conjuring her Rewind meme as a shield
13. Nigahiga as Pikachu, KSI as Sonic
14. Markiplier as Bayonetta, with his stream where he doesn’t stop talking until you subscribe
15. VSauce 1-3 and ASAP Science as Pokemon trainer + his pokemon
16. Jacksepticeye as Bowser
17. Dr. Grandayyy as Captain Falcon
18. H3H3 as Lucario, Ninja as Greninja
19. Paul brothers as Splatoon kids
20. Casey Neistat as Falco
21. Unbox Therapy and MKBHD as Light Pit and Dark Pit
22. Palutena as VEVO, attempting to use her own American music videos as a shield
23. DramaAlert as Snake in a box
24. Shane Dawson as Diddy Kong, Ryan’s Toy Reviews and 5 minute crafts as Rosalina and Luma
25. Rocketjump as Wii Fit Trainer, Corridor Digital and Corridor Crew as Duck Hunt, theodd1sout as Villager
27. Sports channel, but with text saying that Pewdiepie killed him first
28. iDubbz, Ricegum, Leafyishere, Vanossgaming, and Kurzgesagt (also later shown as spirits)
29. All of YouTube getting destroyed

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