Description: Watch the moment PewDiePie hit 100M here:
Livestream of PewDiePie to 100M subscribers.

PewDiePie is currently the fastest growing Youtuber, mostly thanks to his recent Minecraft gameplays landing on Trending lists almost everyday. He is also gaining a boost due to being very close to the historic 100 million subscribers milestone.

I am currently moving to college! I'll update the description as soon as I can.

Also, MrBeast is about to hit 23 million subscribers, and T-Series is nearing 110 million! Watch these milestones live right here!

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Our latest timelapse video (PewDiePie HITTING 99 Million Subscribers & MrBeast's Comeback):

New community video - Youtube Battles Livestream Points Battle (Who Will Win?):

Also featuring MrBeast vs. NoCopyrightSounds sub counts.

MrBeast is one of the fastest growing Youtubers. The next popular channel he is set to pass is NoCopyrightSounds. MrBeast recently uploaded, so he is growing fast again!

There's no drama in this, it's strictly for entertainment purposes!

Also featuring live sub counts of MyTraple vs. grumpy pancake, Cocomelon, and video view counters of PewDiePie and MrBeast! If you like sub count battle videos, be sure to check out our time lapse videos!

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1.No Spamming
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4.Be Respectful to Everyone!!!!!!!
5.No Self Advertising
6.No Asking For Mod!!!!
7. Dont impersonate other people

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This stream is just for entertainment and educational purposes. Please do not spread hate towards either side!

Also, you may record from our livestream, but please credit Youtube Battles in your description if you upload it.

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