Slender Man vs. Insanity Wolf - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES
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Created by Alex Negrete


Story by Alex Negrete
Directed by Zack James and James Sharp
Music by Mike Kalombo
Sound Design, Mixing, and Recording by Max Repka
Slender Man and Insanity Wolf - Redminus
Written by Dominic Harris, Alex Negrete, Zack James, Mark Agee, Aaron Weaver, Jesus Trejo
Animation Supervisor - James Sharp
Storyboard Artist - Scott Simons
Character Designer - Bethany Craig
Backgrounds - Sean Thurlow
Animation - Adam Scarpitta and Kyle Smith
Composting - Colin Fleming

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Animation is expensive. Each episode of ARB and the high quality Animeme content we want to produce (Like Frozen x Breaking Bad) costs $10,000+ to make, which is a lot of money that I don't have.

(Breakdown per episode: $7,000 for 2 minutes of high quality animation. $500 for the beat. $1000 for writing. $1000 for the voice actors. $500 for the audio recording, mixing and mastering. I don't usually pay myself, but if I had someone direct and produce taking my place say if I were busy that would cost $1000+ depending on the workload which can get pretty crazy making multiple episodes at a time!)

So the only way I am able to continue making videos for this channel is to find companies/people that do have that kind of money who are willing to team up with me and give me money to make them. In Season 1, I was able to do that with Nerdist and Official Comedy which is why some videos went up on their channels. This season, I was able to do that thanks to Fullscreen. They are truly amazing and I would love if all of you went and supported them and this series by going to their platform and signing up so you can watch all the episodes there.

Overall, the main challenge for me is that finding people who are willing to pay this much money takes time...a long time. It took me two years to find funding for Season 2, and again I am extremely grateful to Fullscreen for making this possible. So the struggle for me is finding the money to continue making these kickass videos for you. What I am thinking about doing next is creating a Patreon or something similar where I can ask you, Animeme & ARB fans and viewers, to help me continue making videos on a regular basis. Let me know if that's something you'd support!

Either way, I plan on making Animeme videos for years to come and even if the channel has to die and come back to life a thousand more times, fear not, Animeme will find a way to survive and eventually thrive, I can promise you that. ENJOY SEASON 2!!!

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